Pigeon Collecting

From 1st March - 31st July 2020

  1. Applicants must fill in the application form and submit it together with the Pedigree Certificate to the corresponding person or the competition organizer.
  2. In the event that the applicant is not the actual owner of the pigeons, such applicant must obtain an approval for sending the pigeons or a letter of authorization from the pigeons owner.
  3. Pigeons can be sent locally and internationally. Breeder/ participants must read the terms and conditions carefully and accept the rules set out by the organization.
  4. These pigeons must have an age of approximately 45-60 days. These pigeons must have the allocated pigeon rings attached that are specific to that particular country. For participant/breeder who want to be ranked in our Grand Prix Race, these pigeons must have rings certified by FCI.
  5. In some countries or areas that are suspected of having epidemics where diseases can spread easily or are contagious, these pigeons will not be allowed to participate in Pattaya One Loft Race with no exception.
  6. The registration process is finalized once a team name has been registered in our system. Changing or modifying the registered name afterwards is not allowed. Kindly carefully consider your team's name when registering.

Application Fee

  1. The application fees is USD 550 per pigeon.
  2. The participant/breeder shall make an advance payment of USD550 to the organizer as a raising allowance for the first pigeon; whereby such payment shall be made for 1 pigeon/Team.
    Example 20 submitted pigeons shall be subjected to deposit payment USD550 (Based on registered team name provided)
  3. In the event of a sick, dead, or lost pigeon during training, the organizer will inform the participant/breeder of such incident; whereby the participant/breeder may replace the pigeon with a new one. Replacement period is between 1st March to 31st July 2020. The organizer will not be held responsible for the illness, death, or loss of pigeons in any cases.
  4. In case of participant/breeder who has no pigeons left before the qualifying round 120km. The application fees of USD550 per team will be refunded.
  1. Upon completion of the qualifying round at 120 km, the participant/breeder shall pay for the application fees according to the number of returned pigeons, less the advance payment that had already been paid. This will activate qualified pigeons for 3 subsequent races. For example, if 18 out of 20 pigeons returned after the qualifying round at 120 km, the participant/breeder shall pay the application fees for the remaining 17 pigeons.
  2. Freight and shipping expenses will be paid to the pigeon collector by participant.
  3. Only Thai baht (THB) and US dollar (USD) are acceptable for the payment. Any outstanding balance must be made in the same currency that was previously paid in.
  4. Prizes will be paid in the same currency as application fees.
  5. The organizer will use the foreign exchange rate indicated by the Bank of Thailand for exchanging Thai Baht to US Dollar.

Races Program

To be qualified 120 km (November 2020) Kabinburi District ,Prachinburi Province
21st December 2020 First Race 330 km Kapchoeng District, Surin Province
30th December 2020 Second Race 430 km Kantharalak District, Sisaket Province
9th January 2021 Final Race 530 km Sirindhorn District, Ubon Ratchathani Province

* Basketing Bird: 1 day before the race
** Second Race 430km will be recognized by FCI Racing Pigeons Grand Prix

Criteria for the winner of team prize

Only pigeons that are in the top 256 rankings of the final race (530 km course) are eligible for the large team and small team prize.

In the top 256 ranking, the team with the highest number of returned pigeons will be the winner. In the event of an equal number of returned pigeons, the winning team will be determined from the ranking of the 1st returned pigeon of each team. The team with the highest ranking of the 1st returned pigeon will be the winner and will be awarded the team prize. Any pigeons that do not meet the competition criteria shall not be eligible for the team prize.

Auction and awards

  1. All pigeons in the top 256 rankings from the final race 530 km will be auctioned at the end of the race
  2. The 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th , 6th Ace Pigeons will be auctioned at the end of the final race
  3. The 1st , 2nd , 3rd prize winners of 330 km and 430 km will be auctioned at the end of the final race.
  4. Proceeds from the auction shall be shared between the owner (60%) and the organizer (40%).
  5. All remaining pigeons from the auction, the owner may purchase their pigeons at 40% of the bid price.
  6. Any pigeon without a bidder will be at the disposal of the organizer. The organizer will have the right to the pigeon’s ownership and will proceed further with actions as deemed appropriate to the organization
  7. The participant/breeder may request for the collection of proceeds and prize money at the auction date by submitting the application form as proof of participation.
  8. The owner of the pigeons shall be responsible for taxes or expenses pertaining to the prize money or proceeds in accordance to the taxation law in Thailand.
  9. For all of overseas pigeon with ranking higher than 257, will have to participate in the auction on the website. All proceeds from the auction will be allocated between the owner (60%) and the organizer (40%)

*** The organizer shall have the right to amend or modify the aforementioned rules and regulations without prior notice ***