Rules and Regulations


   1. Participants can apply directly by themselves and sending pigeons with application forms and pedigrees. (Please fill form : A)

   2.  By representatives or pigeon collectors, participants need to issue a letter for them to act on their behalf: regarding the participating fees, prizes, and pigeon sales collection. (Please fill form : A and B)
Participating Fees: Euro 500 per pigeon or US$ 550 per pigeon Euro 500 or $550 must be paid up front for raising the pigeons.
For example: Send 10 Pigeons only pay I pigeon first. Send 5 Pigeons only pay I pigeon first.

    3. Participating pigeons must wear the rings that are officially recognized by associations in their countries. Must wear the rings of 2017 (Except countries like Australia and New Zealand)

    4. Pigeons from countries suffering from Paramixo (PMV) , Avian flu , Salmonellas and contagious diseases are not allowed to participate. (Except an exclusive periodic import permit)

    5. Pigeons must be vaccinated for Paramixo (PMV) , before sending in order to build antibody for travelling with some other pigeons. If not done before sending, Participants have to inform pigeon collectors or P.I.P.R organizer.

Participants have to be responsible for freight and shipping expenses (freight, box, vaccine and medical treatment) of around Euro 50 per pigeon.

Please consult your pigeon collectors for details in shipping.

Oualified Toss : at 120 km.

A.PI-P.R. Organizer will report qualified toss 120km. result to participants and bird collect018 on Website and Facebook.

Pigeons that qualified within the first 7 days

A.1  All qualified pigeons of the first 7 days must be activated by paying the participating fees. NO SELECTION is allowed.

A.2  Participating fees must be paid within 7 days after receiving the invoices.

- Supposed 9 birds qualified need to pay 8 birds only.
- Supposed 3 birds qualified need to pay 2 birds only.

Pigeons (Late comers) came back after the first 7 days.
A.3  Pigeons came back later than the first 7 days but before 1st hot spot (330 km.) can still be activated by paying participating fees to be eligible to join the races.

A.4  Bird collectors and participants will be notified the number of late coming pigeons after the first 7 days. And participants CAN SELECT and activate those pigeons within 7 days after notification.

 If partcipants did not wish to activate their pigeons that came later than the first 7 days. Thelu those pigeons will be owned by P.I.P.R. Organizer. The Organizer has the right to find new participants who will have to pay the activation fees. New participants have the right to all prizes money and auctioned money.

First Euro 500 or $550 cannot be claimed or returned, if no pigeon qualified.

Prize money will be paid as the same currency as collected fees.
Auction and other income ( Except Prizes) will be exchanged from Thai currency into foreign currency based on the market rate. (For Imported or Foreign Pigeon)

Races : 

      1. In all races 330km 430km and 530km, all pigeons that are sick, injured or not in competing condition will be kept for recovery until fit to join the training and races, authorized inspectors will inspect and be the witness.
       2.  During each race; if the time recorder faces malfunction or cannot record, the race will be stopped immediately. Prize money will be divided equally for every basketing bird of such a race.
       3. If prizes were not completed the leftover over prizes will be divided equally to those birds that already won their prizes
       4. If the race closes down, no birds back at all, all prizes money of such a race will be divided equally to every bird that basketed for the race.
       5. In case of the urforeseen incident, like avian flu breakout before 330km and as a conse quence the races cannot go    participating fees will be refunded to every bird that remains in the loft before 330km (of course, will be audit and inspected by authorized judges).

 If I or 2 races have passed, the left over races could not go on due to the mentioned unforeseen incident. All the prizes money of those leftover races will be share equally amongst all birds that remains in the loft (of course, will be audit and inspected by authorized judges).
        6. All the decision made by the authorized judges are deemed to be the final.
        7. Participants agree to abide by the rules and regulations set by P.I.P.R Organiser.

 Before 120 km : 
     Before 120 Ian. , Pigeons participating cannot be replaced if found sick, dead, crippled, or lost during homing. Organizer will keep the participants informed and cannot be held responsible for such an incident.

After 120 km  : 
After the qualified Toss 120 km, participants will be informed through website or facebook. Participants will be required to settle payment for the pigeons that pass qualified toss. The qualified toss Pigeons will be owned by organizer if unsettled by the participants within the specified dead line.

     The organizer has the right to re-activate the unpaid qualified pigeon with the next or new participants or whatever is appropriated.

Benzing : 

     From Austria, will be the official time recorder and electronic rings provider. Benzing is mostly used by various one loft races all over the world.

Final race 530 km : 

    Official committees including appointed foreign judges to inspect the pigeons that were not fit for the final race.
Inspection result will be notified to the participants on website or facebook.

Security for fairplay:

      Pigeons pass the qualified toss will be covered on the rings to prevent the unforeseen fraud. Ring cover will be changed in every race until the races completed.