We have completed the 5th week of training reach the distance 75 km.
This week the weather is to our advantage, the sky is clear, no fog or no rain. The birds were trained  with good result. Take 1 hour 5 min. back home.
Training is carried out with an interval of 5 min. per flock in order to make sure that they do not fly against each other.
As usual, we will welcome them with fresh water.
After breakfast, we also give small seeds, sunflower seeds.
Then, we add Electrolite, vitamin to water.
We let them rest and wait to be loft trained in the afternoon.
Any birds were back later than noon will be put to rest, no afternoon loft training.
This period the diet will be slightly changed.
We have planned two mixtures, one  as the same for breakfast and other for dinner with more corns(carbohydrate) and more peas(protein).
The distance is getting longer, all the birds work harder. As a result, they eat more from the diets we increase. Anyhow body weight is under close watched.
Qualified Toss distance 120 km is approaching within 2 week time.
We long for seeing the birds that pass such a toss.
Not only the fanciers are desperately eager to see them qualified, but we as a trainer are too.

Report made by the Sport Team
On 24th Oct 2016