This week we are still in the last period of monsoon weather. Some days are cloudy, rainy and humid which are not suitable for road training.
The weather condition is not to our favor for training but we never give up.
We have to train the birds with extra care. When the sky is not really clear, we move a bit shorter distance. Some day we bring them back as the sky is full with dark clouds and too humid hot.
Whatever we do, we cannot against Mother Nature.
Temperature ranging from 30-35 Celsius
This week we have reached the distance 45 km. Some birds were back with slight injury, some were back badly broken legs.
Our Vet. Team will them aside and put the clutch on and treated them with antibiotic. They will stay home until full recovery.
When the birds arrive, they will be welcome with fresh water. And after breakfast we will give them Electrolite mixed with vitamins.
When the distance reach 60-70 km, we will increase more protein in their feeds.
And rest until afternoon, they will have loft training for 1 hour in the afternoon.
We start 13.30 pm flock by flock
During the week, we give bath to pigeons with bath salt. This will help cleansing the feathers, getting rid of insects, mites and dust.

Report made by the Sport Team
On 12 Oct 2016