Message from the president

Dear fanciers,
We have set up this race not for the sake of competition but also to bring fanciers from all over the world together.
This is our first year of Pattaya International Pigeon race. Participants from China, Taiwan,Thailand, Kuwait, Belgium, Holland and Bulgaria will start the biggest one loft race in Thailand. 
As said, it is our first year of this great event. Surely, we will provide the highest standard of care of all the pigeons participating. We also welcome the comments and constructive criticism.
With the experienced and very well trained team, all the youngsters arrived will be quarantined and vaccinated with Paramixo vaccine, Parathyfoid vaccine and pox vaccine.
When they came out from quarantine station, they went to the lofts for proper homing and training.
We feed them with the Belgium best pigeon feeds 'Natural'. During the week we also provide vitamin B complex, antibiotics(for canker and ornithosis)
When the youngsters were properly homed, registered with Benzing electronic rings and cover the number rings for fair play. We start training around the lofts.
We start orientation training at very short distance of 8 km.since the end of September
We are quite sure to be ready for the qualified Toss 120 km. at the beginning of November.
Right now we are still at the end of rainy season.
Training still need extreme care as we can not lose the pigeons at stage. 
Average temperature in the afternoon are 32-35c.
The team really fall in love with them. Can see them holding the bids with passion and found some are nice and tamed but some is naturally nervous.
The more they spend time with them, the more they love them.
We are proud to work with this team of veterinarians. They are qualified with BA and MBA Veterinary.
We take this opportunity to welcome you and family to visit Thailand.
Our official listed hotel 'Zand Morada' Pattaya will be newly opened soon. It is located closed to the beach.
See you all 
Your faithfully,
Suntorn  Jarumon